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  • The NutriMeter

    Added Value for You and Your Clients

    One of the biggest obstacles nutrition professionals face is client retention. Many clients don’t return simply because they don’t feel like anything is changing.

    The NutriPortal™ solves this problem with the NutriMeter™— a powerful tool that uses scores from clients’ symptom burden analyses to track their progress.

    The NutriMeter™ helps clients create goals, encourages them along the way, and provides proof that their nutritional therapy is working.

  • Content Libraries

    We know that many people often need to hear the same information over and over again in order to retain it, but this can be costly and time consuming for you and your client.

    The NutriPortal™ allows you to create content libraries for clients, where you can put all the information you cover into one place.

    Upload instructional materials such as cooking demos, workout videos, how-to guides, PDFs, recipes— anything that might help your client, you can offer through your NutriPortal™ content library.

    With the session summary feature, you can include past session documentation, and even full session recordings, so your clients can review your word-for-word coaching as many times as they need.

    Every time a client logs in they have access to a powerful, comprehensive package of content, services, and resources that will help them stay on track.

  • Community Support

    Many people abandon their nutritional therapy because they have no one to keep them accountable. The NutriPortal™ community feature lets you connect clients, either individually or through groups that you create.

    Clients can ask each other questions, share personal experiences, tips, and, most importantly, motivate one another.

    Now, instead of just relying on you, they have multiple allies supporting them as they work towards their goals.