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  • The Need

    As nutrition professionals, we know that client care usually extends beyond the end of the appointment. Clients often have questions, or need a little extra help, and you want to give it to them…

    But how do you charge someone for a five-minute talk, an email, or a text?

  • Membership Packages

    With the NutriPortal™, you can create client membership packages, in which you charge clients a small monthly fee in exchange for access to all the content in their NutriPortal™, as well as the ability to regularly connect with you.

    The fee can be whatever you decide, depending on the level of accessibility, services, and content you provide.

    This membership program is a win-win.

    Clients can get all the help and attention they need— without feeling like they’re taking advantage— and you get compensated for your hard work.

  • Automated Income

    The best part of the NutriPortal™ membership program is that all income is 100% automatic and 100% yours.

    There’s no worrying about multiple bills and payments. Each client’s fee is delivered straight to your PayPal account every month, and NutriAlliance™ will never ask for a portion.

    You get 100% of the fee you set for your clients.