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  • The NutriPortal

    Clutter-free Client Management

    As fellow nutrition practitioners, we know how much time is spent collecting forms and communicating with clients. Paperwork is tedious and inefficient.

    The NutriPortal™ software is a complete, online client management system that streamlines and digitizes how you work with clients, from the intake process to ongoing client contact.

  • Paperless Communication

    The NutriPortal™ eliminates much of the administrative hassle of signing up, faxing or scanning forms, completing a food journal, and processing payments.

    Inside the NutriPortal™, you and your clients can connect, communicate, and share information, giving you dual access to records, labs, and information from past sessions.

    All communication is secure, and kept in perfect, chronological order. No more searching for emails or text messages.

    As a nutritional therapist, you get an easy and efficient way to communicate with clients, analyze their data, set goals, track progress, and bill for your time.

  • Features

    Included in the NutriPortal™ is:

    Communication centralization:
    Keep your client communications organized in one place.
    E-form management:
    Store client charts, food journal entries, Functional Evaluation and NAQ results.
    Session summary:
    text, audio or video session summaries clients can review at any time.
    Streamlined records:
    Store nutrition and supplement recommendation histories.
    Client assignments:
    Give homework, assign deliverables, and set due dates.
    Resource assignments:
    Assign resources from your recipe library, handouts, audio and video.
    Track clients’ progress using Symptom Burden Scores and client feedback.
  • Customizability

    Like the NutriSite™, the NutriPortal™ can be customized and augmented to fit your business needs for an additional fee.