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Q: How easily can the NutriPortall be embedded into my existing website?

A: UPDATED: Since the NTPortal has taken shape, we have added a number of integration points. While embeding is possible via the tab solution outlined in the original answer below, we strongly recommend to migrate your site to a NutriSite™. This will allow you to taken advantage of all information in the portal while simplifying the maintenance your business website. This solution also avoids the double payments you would have by keeping your original site. NutriAlliance can help with the migration of your existing content via a paid service. ORIGINAL ANSWER in early August 2014: We elaborate on this with some additional slides in the last two webinar recordings (7/17 and 7/19); in short: it’s an easy integration by adding a simple tab to your existing (WordPress or other) website, which will point to your NTPortal on our system. Access recordings here:

Q: Why is the NutriPortal not built on a WordPress platform?

A: We decided to use another framework as it is more secure and allows for deeper customization. WordPress is a great platform, but there are industry concerns in regards to its use in sensitive industries. An example is the recent disclosure by the British Department of Health in January 2014, detailing over 2,000 vulnerabilities in their NHS (National Health Service) WordPress based websites.

Q: What's the difference between Trust Membership and Regular Membership?

A: The Trust Membership has a lower monthly fee; it is at $79 compared to the $99 of Regular Membership

Q: Do the client payments go via NutriAlliance or though the practitioner website?

A: All NTP websites are fully independent and all payments will go directly to the practitioner. If the NTP does not have payment gateways, they can go via PayPal or other low-cost options.

Q: Are you HIPAA compliant?

A: No. We are working with Dr. Lawrence H. Muhlbaier at Duke University, who was referred to us by the Office of Health and Human Services in Washington DC. Dr. Muhlbaier explained to us the need to be HIPAA compliant is necessary only for "covered entities." Covered entities are entities that electronically submit medical information to health insurances. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) therefore does not apply to NutriAlliance or anyone who does not submit health insurance information electronically.

Q: You are not HIPAA Compliant? Is NutriAlliance safe?

A: NutriAlliance sites are protected by 2-factor authentication, which means that you have the capability to make your users use not just a password but also a code on their own cell phone.

Q: How do we use the NutriPortal with existing (WordPress and other) websites?

A:please see the answer above under "How easily can the NutriPortal be embedded into my existing website?"

Q: Does NutriAlliance help generate business for its members?

A: There are eight ways NutriAlliance generates business for its members: Through the national website search feature, functional medicine doctor referals, special programs developed for national groups, community outreach events, connection with specific knowledge bases, such as GAPS, marketing and promotional events by NutriAlliance and client referrals.

Q: Is the Joomla platform as versatile and user-friendly as WordPress?

A: Yes. Joomla is as versatile (and more) than WordPress, but because it is more versatile we from NutriAlliance offer a pre-set framework that hides the extra complexity. Just like WordPress, you can add your own text, pictures, audio and video files.

Q: What kind of technical support would be available for the portal?

A: Initially Gert will be the gateway between practitioner questions and the developers, because in the beginning we will encounter growing pains. As we grow, the NutriAlliance budget foresees a call-center type support based on a knowledge base that Uta and Gert and the developers are and will put together. Third, NutriAlliance is ensuring that we have service level agreements for every component that we buy and use. Typically developers connect to your website to find out what is wrong and fix it. There might be a support fee involved for this third level of support. From March 2015 NutriAlliance will have a 24/7 ticket based support service in place.

Q: When can Nutri-Q be fully integrated into the portal and what would be the fee?

A: Technically it's perfectly doable. We are planning to work with NTA in 2015 to solve the commercial/legal conditions.