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NutriAlliance™ was founded in May 2014 by Uta Birkmayer and Gert Taeymans. A highly successful team, Uta and Gert have an uncanny knack for identifying bridge services in a variety of industries ranging from expatriate life, hospitality, and banking to real estate, health, and nutrition. Uta and Gert met in Japan in 1994, and have tackled everything from high-level visioning to detail-oriented execution, while listening to their consumers, caring for their team, and believing that anything is possible if you stay true to yourself, to each other, and to the world around you. As of 2018, Gert is taking the company further on the road technically supporting our clients' businesses.

ppl gertGert Taeymans
CEO, Tech Strategy & Operations

Gert’s passion is to help people and organizations attain a higher level of efficiency and teamwork. According to Gert, what counts is the increased customer satisfaction that results.

Gert has almost 20 years of experience in directing the implementation and management of mission-critical services for businesses in high-volume international markets. Gert’s experience includes design and technology implementations for a variety of organizations; large and small. With a strong understanding of business processes and standards, and an innate knowledge of the work flow necessary to maintain smooth performance in technology and operations organizations, Gert has a proven history of eliminating inefficiencies and reducing expenses. He accomplishes this by overhauling existing processes, introducing new technologies, and defining more effective operating standards.

I love working with you on ensuring you have the right solution. Be it working more efficiently with clients, spending less time hunting paperwork, and most importantly, spending more time on your business and less on the technology. NutriAlliance offers several support packages so that you can focus on your revenue.

ppl utaUta Birkmayer, BS, MPS, HC, AADP, NTP

As of 2018, Uta is no longer a member of NutriAlliance after Gert bought NutriAlliance outright. However, Uta remains an integral part of the original vision of the company. I want to thank her for her contributions to NutriAlliance and her fantastic spirit!