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  • Benefits

    Master client management
    while you’re still in school

    The NutriPortal™ software is extremely powerful and flexible. There are literally hundreds of capabilities and many features you can use to offer clients more value, streamline your practice, and maximize your profit potential— don’t wait to start learning.

  • Included

    As a student NutriAlliance™ member you can:

    Practice experimenting
    and testing all the NutriPortal™’s functionalities
    Learn how to
    manage test clients online
    Work in student groups
    practicing client management
    in online workshops
    Attend regular tutorial calls
    to ask questions and get help
    Get comfortable with the basic NutriSite™
    so you can hit the ground running with a business that makes money when you graduate.
    Start learning
    the nutritional therapy business at your own pace
  • Cost

    Only $39/month

    No set-up fee

    Free to cancel at any time


    By signing up for a NutriAlliance™ membership, you can master the NutriPortal™ software before you ever see your first paying client.

    Sign up for a free, 20-minute info session where you can ask us any thing, and figure out if the NutriAlliance™ is right for you.

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